My daily drivers and productivity tools: In this post I am sharing my operating system of choice, Elementary OS ( a great Linux operating system for desktops ), and my current #GTD tool, ( a tool that combines my gmail, calendar and to do list) and I also mention some other tools I am using at March 2018.

This is the scratch pad for my first blog post in my new blog: RmTux: Open Productivity

I am currently learning more about WordPress as this is my first time blogging. My website is still in the making 🙂 Topics will range from Educational Technology, to Open Source software and knowledge, and I am planning to share some tips on web design and social media marketing.

The main focus, however, will be productivity tools, tips & tricks, workflows, schools of thought, recommended books and websites, and everything Getting Things Done.

Why Open Productivity

Open productivity means that … (share your guess and I will be glad to give free digital media consultation and SEO audit for the best answers).

My Current Setup

Regarding my current setup you can check my tweet here:

A screenshot showing my daily drivers and productivity tools as of March 2018

RmTux Daily Drivers March 2018

Here I am sharing my daily drivers:

It is an @Acer laptop with @elementary #linux installed

I love @libreoffice 🙂

I use @googlechrome

Keep & @WrittApp for notes

@pCloudapp for cloud storage

@EnpassApp for passwords

@MooDoApp is my #GTD secret weapon! #productivity

This is just the beginning. Please let me know what you think.

PS [bctt tweet=”Did I mention I am a @libreOffice & Linux lover? Welcome to RmTux: Open Productivity. (Coming Soon…)” username=”rmtux”]

Featured Image by: Sabri Tuzcu