I do think that white screen fear should be real. I can’t deny that it took me months to learn the basics of Word Press, the great content management system I am using here, but I am sure now that it’s not the technical side that made me postpone writing my first post. It is this message I kept seeing on the first post template installed by default!

It the fear of this message that keeps you from writing: “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!”

Instead of writing, I got more and more distracted with technical stuff, that I had no idea about. I moved from page builder to another, from one theme to another, and from one plugin to another. “I am into trying new techie stuff, and I am sure I will learn more about Word Press by trying all these tools,” kept saying to myself. Now, I can say and not “in a shy way” that the truth is, we are deeply distracted with technological details, gadgets and tools.